Machinery Info

List of Machinery


Sr. NoName of MachineryQty.
1Ball Mill-60MT5 nos
2Ball Mill-5MT3 nos
3Press YP-50093 nos
45-Layer Dryer 42 Mtr1 nos
57-Layer Dryer 25 Mtr1 nos
6Kiln-210 Mtr with horizontal dryer – 45 Mtr1 nos
7Kiln-176 Mtr with horizontal dryer – 25 Mtr1 nos
8SSVT POLISHING LINE – 4 Stage, 110 head1 Line
9GVT POLISHING LINE – 4 Stage, 76 head1 Line
10Fluidize Bed Hot air generator – 20 MT1 nos
11Chain Stove - 20Ton1 nos
12Piston Pump1 nos
13Glaze Line with all Accessories1 nos
14Digital Printing Machine 10 Colour1 nos
15Compensator4 nos
16Screen Printing Machine3 nos
17Iron Remover4 nos
18Spray Dryer – 400 MTPD2 nos
19SS Powder Silos – 65 MT28 nos
20Air Compressor 4 nos
21Air Dryer 1 nos
22Hydraulic Backhoe loader – 76 HP3 nos
233 Ton Diesel Forklift2 nos
24Electric Weigh Bridge-100 Ton1 nos
25D. G. Sets - 1010 KVA2 nos
26D. G. Sets - 62.5 KVA1 nos
27S.S. Stirrer54 nos
28Hopper Weighting and Batching System 5 nos
29Coal Gasifier 2 nos
30Rooftop Solar power plant 2.5 Mega Watt 1 Set
31400 KVA UPS & Battery arrays 2 nos
32Auto Strapping Machine 18 nos

Lab Equipment

Sr. NoName of MachineryQty.
1Pot Mill 4 Sets
2Ball Mill – 500 Kg 1 Set
3Muffle Furnace1 set
4Crazing resistance testing autoclave1 Set
5Flame Photometer1 Unit
6Spectrophotometer1 unit
7Glossmeter2 nos
8Precision Weighing scale 10 nos
9Bomb Calorimeter 1 Set
10M.O.R. Breaking Strength Machine2 nos
11Granulometry testing Machine2 nos
12Digital Manometer 1 nos
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