Green Initiative

Our commitment to the Environment

Ceramax is a sustainable manufacturing company with green technology. We have made every effort to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible. The factory has a commitment to environmental stewardship by employing a high level of energy efficiency and sustainability, produces solar power, uses rain water harvesting and sewage treatment plants.


Ceramax is very proud to announce that our factory has installed a 2.4 Mega Watt solar energy plant which helps reducing CO2 emission by 9.5MT per day and is equal to planting 25 trees per day.

Solar energy is clean, cost-effective, renewable and environmentally friendly. It doesn’t create pollution or CO2 emissions and it does not produce hazardous waste.


Our factory is harvesting over 20 million liter of rain water per year. This supply is used for industrial purposes, such as the production, but also for the needs of daily life in our company and the labor staying there for their day to day needs.


Our Sewage treatment plant operates with the help of solar energy. Our system is capable of harvesting over 1.8 million liters of water and making it useful to us by providing drinking water, irrigation, washing and cleaning purposes as well.

Our team’s commitment and expertise ensures that our sewage treatment plant works in a systematic and efficient manner to provide our residential colony with water that is all-inclusive, healthy and free from contaminants.

OUR pledge

We are committed to help reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere. We pledge to plant 1 tree per day, and so far, we have planted over 5000 trees. As a result of this, our efforts has helped in producing 500MT of oxygen per year. This has been a gift to mother nature from our side. We strive to take this to the next level in coming years.

Our commitment to the environment in numbers!

2.5 Mega Watt Solar 80%
Plantation inside our premises 100%
Rain water harvesting 85%
Work friendly environment 100%

Our Flagship Projects

Hotel Lobby

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Children Study Room

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Dining Room

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Foyer of Guesthouse

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9 tiles per annum.


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