GVT 600X1200 MM

Glazed Vitrified Tiles are manufactured using the latest digital technology and have unlimited design choices to suit everyone’s imagination. Being available in vivid colours and wide choice of surface finishes, these are fast becoming the preferred choice for architects and interior designers. Vitrified tiles offer very high strength, greater scratch / stain resistance, and extraordinary aesthetic appeal.
These large format tiles are not only being used on flooring but are gaining popularity on wall and furniture applications such as exterior elevation, table-tops, TV backdrop, etc.



This format of Glazed vitrified tiles is similar to the larger size in all respects apart from its size. Being symmetric in dimensions it sometimes is the preferred choice of architects and interior designers. Some of the benefits of this size are, ease of fixing and availability of artistic design choices such as Moroccan art, Book match series, rustic designs, etc.



Soluble Salt tiles are the simplest and most economical form of vitrified tiles. They are manufactured by impregnating natural salts deep into their surface hence the name “Soluble Salt”. There is no glaze coating on thesurface, the body of the tile itself forms the face after being polished to mirror finish.This makes them one of themost durable tiles havingvery high Strength and greater scratch resistance. Being vitrified, these tiles also have near-zero water absorptivity making them stain resistant, weatherproof, and anti-bacterial.


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There are plenty of options available for this space. One can make a selection based on the overall theme of the house or select by tile surface finish. Generally, nowadays people opt for large size tiles to get minimum grout lines and a seamless look. However, with small size tile one can create beautiful patterns.


  • Large and small size tiles.
  • A big range to choose from.
  • Easy to clean

These are the areas which demand a professional environment with an elegant touch. Ceramax tiles has a variety of options in many different sizes, finishes, and looks to satisfy your requirement and give your office a classy makeover.


  • Elegant touch.
  • Highly durable.
  • Classy look.

These are high footfall traffic area tiles that are not just meant to be aesthetically pleasing but at the same time robust & durable. Ceramax tiles has a variety of options in many different sizes, finishes, and looks. Choose the floor tiles that best suit your requirements.


  • High Durability.
  • Hard strength to handle heavy footfall.
  • Robust built.

The hotel industry is not spared the craze for decoration and devotes a lot of attention to it. Indeed, the design of a hotel complex has an identity function and fully reflects the image of the brand. It is therefore obvious that the decoration of the establishment greatly influences the experience of the customers and can even generate loyalty on their part. Thus, the choice of hotel tiles is crucial to define a style that will stand out from the rest. There are many options, such as luxury hotel tiles, to create a bespoke design that can develop a unique personality in every space, from the bedrooms to the reception and dining areas.


  • Good built to support heavy footfall.
  • Designs that reflects the class.
  • Robust and durable.

Ceramic tiles are a proven solution in malls. They are durable, dimensionally stable, resistant to mechanical damage, UV radiation, and chemical cleaning agents. Good quality and well-assembled Ceramax tiles do not cause any problems of use and care.


  • Less prone to damage
  • High Durability
  • Easy to handle



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